Pump (Water Overlay)

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Pumps are Buildings which can move water against its natural flow. Specifically, a pump with a positive pump speed will pump water from the entry point with a lower water level to the entry point with a higher water level. If no (differing) water levels are defined, the surface height is used instead.

The pump's direction does not change during the simulation.

Waterwizard icon pump q.png A pump is a line-based building.


  • A negative value for the PUMP_Q attribute is also allowed, in which case water can be pumped in the reverse direction. Sometimes referred to as draining.
  • If a pump is placed in a waterway, and the waterway is not otherwise interrupted, water will be able to flow past the pump via the waterway itself. It is recommended to make sure that the waterway is obstructed by an increase in the terrain height in such a way that the only way water can flow from the one end of the pump to the other is via the pump.
  • A Pump is different from an Inlet in that a pump has two endpoints (or areas) within the project areas, whereas an Inlet has an end point (or area) within the project area and an endpoint (or area) outside the project area; a conceptual external area with a size and a water level.



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