Weir angle (Water Overlay)

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Icon Key Unit Description Default value
Waterwizard icon weir angle.png WEIR_ANGLE geo angle (0-360°) The top down orientation angle of the weir. 0
Weir angle explain (Water Overlay).png

The weir angle is used to convert a weir loaded in as point-based data to a line which is used in the simulation to define from where to where the water should flow across the weir. It also automatically adjusts the elevation perpendicular to the direction of the weir, so that water can only flow from one side of the weir to the other through the weir, rather than around it.


Weirs angel.jpg
  • If a weir angle is available for a weir which is already line-shaped, the weir is first interpreted as a point, and then the direction and elevation are adjusted accordingly. The centre of the weir's polygon is used.
  • If no angle is available as an attribute, the angle can be calculated by using the Generate Angles option in the Weirs step of the wizard.