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Inlets are points where water is either added to or removed from the hydrological model. It will add or remove water at a defined maximum rate, with optional thresholds for the amount of water to add or remove.

Waterwizard icon inlet.png An Inlet is by default a point-based construction, but can optionally be an area-based construction.


  • Each Inlet attribute functions as a limit to the flow. If multiple are defined, the flow is limited by the strongest limit. If neither an INLET_Q or any threshold is defined, there will be no flow.
  • A negative INLET_Q changes the Inlet to an Outlet.
  • The lower and upper thresholds can be seen as a the lowest and highest of "range" of valid water levels. If the actual water level does not fall in the specified range, the Inlet will allow water to flow in or out (depending on the configuration) to correct the water level.


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