Culvert (Water Overlay)

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Culverts are effectively tunnels or pipes directly connecting two bodies of water, and allow water to flow in either direction. Culverts can also be used to model tunnels on land, creating a hole which water can flow through when it is flowing over land. The throughput of a culvert is limited by its dimensions.

Culverts are assumed to have a spherical cross-section.

Waterwizard icon culvert.png A culvert is a line-based construction.

Icon Attribute Unit Description Default
Waterwizard icon culvert width.png CULVERT_DIAMETER m The diameter of the culvert. For throughput calculations, the culvert is assumed to have a spherical cross-section. 1
Waterwizard icon culvert height.png CULVERT_HEIGHT m + datum The height of the inner side of the culvert's underside (or the threshold height at which water starts flowing through the culvert). When set to a level below the terrain height at either its upstream or downstream end, the culvert's height will automatically attain a value equal to that of the highest terrain found at either of its endpoints. 0
Waterwizard icon manning.png CULVERT_N s/(m1/3) The manning value of the culvert's material, which influences the flow speed. 0,014

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