Culvert (Water Overlay)

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Culverts are effectively tunnels or pipes directly connecting two bodies of water, and allow water to flow in either direction. Culverts can also be used to model tunnels on land, creating a hole which water can flow through when it is flowing over land. The throughput of a culvert is limited by its dimensions.

Culverts are assumed to have a circular cross-section, and level (i.e. not inclined).

Waterwizard icon culvert.png A culvert is a line-based building.


  • If a culvert is placed in a waterway, and the waterway is not otherwise interrupted, water will be able to flow past the culvert via the waterway itself. It is recommended to make sure that the waterway is obstructed by an increase in the terrain height in such a way that the only way water can flow from the one end of the culvert to the other is via the culvert.


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