Water Module benchmarks

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In order to validate the implementation of the water module in the Tygron Platform, several shallow water related benchmarks have been performed. The following performed benchmarks can be reviewed:

Rainfall Benchmarks

Flooding Benchmarks

Groundwater Benchmarks

Perform your own Benchmarks

  • Some of the Benchmarks mentioned above are available in your own domain. Please contact for more information.
  • Confirm your own basic water calculations by composing a test bed in the Tygron Platform using the Testbed tutorial.
  • Check out some basic set-ups for testing using the Water Module Testbed which is available in your own domain and can be found in the main menu under Edit projects.

Tygron has automated most of these benchmarks for its Tygron Platform's build process. This way, each implementation change made to the server and the Water Module is tested in terms of code, data and hardware.

Additional test cases