Hydrological attributes of terrains (Water Overlay)

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Terrains in a project have a number of hydrological properties which can influence the flow of water in a project. Because there is always both surface and underground terrain defined for the entirety of the project area, all cells are affected by all properties of terrains, unless a construction is present with overwriting values.

Icon Attribute Unit Type Description
WATER boolean Surface Whether the specified terrain is a water terrain.
ROOT_DEPTH_M m Surface The depth of the roots of this surface terrain, relative to the surface. Water can be drawn from the underground and evaporated if the roots can reach it.
Waterwizard icon evaporation factor.png WATER_EVAPORATION_FACTOR factor Surface How fast this terrain can evaporate water from the underground. The weather evaporation speed is multiplied by this factor to determine the rate of evaporation.
WATER_STORAGE_PERCENTAGE fraction Underground The percentage (as a fraction) of the underground volume which can be filled with water. A lower percentage means the underground will be able to store less water, and the saturated zone will rise higher with the same amount of water in the underground layer.
Waterwizard icon water infiltration.png GROUND_INFILTRATION_MD m/day Surface The speed at which water can flow vertically from the surface to the underground unsaturated zone.
Waterwizard icon water infiltration.png GROUND_INFILTRATION_MD m/day Underground The speed at which water can flow vertically from the underground unsaturated zone to the underground saturated zone, and horizontally through across the saturated zone.
Waterwizard icon manning.png WATER_MANNING s/(m1/3) Surface The Gauckler–Manning coefficient of the terrain.