Simulation data (Water Overlay)

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The Water Module's simulation can be linked to other models, which add and define more data to be used in the simulation. Some models are automatically connected, and are required for the calculations to take place. Others are optional, and can apply additional detail to the calculations. When the optional models are absent, default behavior is defined.

Name Underlying data Description
Weather Weather Simulation time and environmental effects
Elevation Elevation model Terrain height and topography
Terrain elevation Water Prequel Datum of the terrain
Surface level Water Prequel Datum of the surface water level
Groundwater depth Water Prequel Depth of the watertable
Groundwater Water Prequel Datum of the watertable
Unsaturated fraction Water Prequel Fraction of maximum storage capacity the unsaturated zone which is filled with water.
Seepage c Water Prequel Seepage c
Seepage p Water Prequel Seepage p
Manning value Water Prequel Manning value