Hydrological attributes of buildings (Water Overlay)

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Besides the buildings which directly influence the hydrologic model as a hydraulic structure, each Building may also have attributes which can contribute to the hydrological model in some way. These attributes are stored and used on a grid cell level. This is different from the hydraulic structure attributes, which are stored and used on an object level.

These attributes can be changed individually per Building or per building's function. In most cases, these attributes already exist as a function value.

In addition to the Attributes of Buildings affecting the calculations of the Water Overlay, the building height of Buildings affects the interpretation of the elevation model.


  • In contrast with hydraulic structures, which can only behave as a single hydraulic object, buildings can have all of the above effects on the hydrological model simultaneously.
  • Attributes which are connected to a function value can not be redefined using a different attribute name.