Sewer overflow (Water Overlay)

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Sewer overflows are points where water is moved from the sewer area to the above-ground water system. A sewer overflow will allow water to flow through if the water in the sewer exceeds the SEWER_OVERFLOW_THRESHOLD, and the water in the connected sewer exceeds the height of the terrain at the location of the sewer overflow. It will then function for all sewers part of that sewer area.

Waterwizard icon sewer overflow.png A sewer overflow is a point-based constructions. It must intersect with a Sewer area and a water level area, but does not need to intersect with an actual sewered construction.

Icon Attribute Unit Description Default value
Waterwizard icon sewer overflow height.png SEWER_OVERFLOW m + datum The height at which the Sewer Overflow is situated. The average height at which the related Sewer Area will be situated is relative to this height. n/a
Waterwizard icon sewer overflow speed.png SEWER_OVERFLOW_SPEED m3/s The maximum speed by which the water flows through the overflow. 10


  • At most one overflow can exist per sewer area.
  • Water will flow when the water height in the Sewer is larger then the Overflow Threshold.
  • Sewer overflows will only be created when all sewer areas in which a sewer overflow is placed also intersect with a water level area.

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