Weir (Water Overlay)

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Weirs are effectively small dams in the water, and allow water to flow from a water body with a higher water level to a lower water level. Any water exceeding the height of the weir can flow over it, increasing the throughput as the water level increases. Strictly, water can flow over the weir in either direction.

Waterwizard icon weir.png A weir is a line-based building.


  • If a weir is placed in a waterway, and the waterway is not otherwise interrupted, water might be able to flow past the weir via the waterway itself. In order to obstruct the waterway, one of two options can be chosen:
    • Define the weir angle, in which case the Tygron Platform will automatically raise the DEM in the simulation based on the position, width and angle of the weir.
    • Manually raise the terrain height using the terrain height tool or applying a terrain height GeoTIFF.
  • Weirs can be read in as a point. The Tygron Platform will precompute how the weir should be modeled as a line.


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