Inlet q (Water Overlay)

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  • Each calculation step is characterized by an amount of time that elapses. Based on the set flow rate, it is then calculated how much water is added in that time step.
  • A value of 0 means the potential amount of water flow is unlimited per timestep, and that water can flow both in and out based on the configured lower and upper thresholds, if they are configured.
  • It is possible to vary the INLET_Q over time, by providing a file with times and flow rates. The resulting data is stored in INLET_Q as an attribute array.
  • When using a dynamic INLET_Q, the adjustments in flow rate are immediate when the corresponding simulation time is reached.
  • When using a dynamic INLET_Q, a maximum of 10.000 values (5.000 pairs) can be defined.

This attribute can be defined as values over time, using an array of values defining start-time. This allows users to more dynamically define the maximum throughput and operational direction of the Inlet.