How to correct a building at the edge of the project area

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A Weir right at the edge of the project area.
The Weir removed, as it would have had no effect on the model.

When using the Water Overlay, hydraulic structures may not function when their centerpoint or either of their endpoints are on cells where no calculation takes place. This may be due to the cell falling outside of the calculation area, or being too close to the edge of the project area.

Buildings at the edge of the model may either be important or unimportant for your calculations. For example, a Culvert connecting the waterway to one outside the project area is not important, as no water would be able to flow to there anyway. A Pump or Inlet would be important, as those would force water in that location to flow in or out.

  • If a hydraulic structure isn't important, it can either be disregarded (its presence will not affect the calculation if it is deemed invalid), or removed from the model.
  • If a hydraulic structure, consider moving it so that it is entirely located within the area where calculations take place.
Editor → Current Situation (Ribbon tab) → Buildings (Ribbon bar) → The structure to move (Left panel)
How to move a hydraulic structure into the calculation area:
  1. Select the Building in the Editor.
  2. At the bottom of the right panel, select "Draw area".
  3. Set the brush to "Remove" mode.
  4. Draw a selection overlapping with the Building's current polygon
  5. Select "Apply selection" in the bottom panel. The polygon of the Building is now removed.
  6. Select "Draw area" again.
  7. Set the brush to "Add" mode.
  8. Draw a polygon in the 3D Visualization in the location where the Building should be. Ensure the centre and/or endpoints of the polygon are well into the calculated area.
  9. Select "Apply selection". The Building is now moved to a valid location.