Terrain water (Water Overlay)

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Attribute Unit Terrain type Description
WATER boolean Surface Whether the specified terrain is a water terrain.


Water terrains are processed by the water model in a specific manner during the initialization phase, which takes place before a simulation is started.

For each water terrain in the project area, the bottom of the water body is treated as a land surface in the same fashion as dry land. Water is then placed on it on the surface layer, up to the level defined by the WATER_LEVEL attribute of the overlapping water level area. Terrains not marked as water terrain are not initiated with water in this fashion.

Terrains marked as water are subject to an additional check for the WATER_STRESS result type. If the amount of water on a water terrain has not increased by more than ALLOWED_WATER_INCREASE_M relative to the water level of the water level area, that terrain will not count as stressed for that result type. The amount of water on that location must be at least the value of ALLOWED_WATER_INCREASE_M more than the water level of the water level area.


  • In contrast to the effect of water level areas on water, inundation areas do not initialize water terrains with water in the fashion that they do with non-water terrains.


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