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An overlay is a layer drawn over the 3D world to illustrate different properties. They do not contain all the information of a given visualization, but serve as a supplement. By adding these properties onto the same view, the additional information can immediately be made understandable in the same way. A reason to split information off into other layers in this fashion can be to avoid overwhelming a user with too much information.

How do overlays relate to the Tygron Platform interface

Overlays are implemented in the Tygron Platform as part of the interface. Properties such as ownership and zoning are important pieces of information to the user, but would be very overwhelming to display at all times. Instead, a user can activate on overlay to make these pieces of information visible. In principle, all spatially varied information is accessible as an overlay.

How to access overlays in a project

How to access overlays

Overlays available to stakeholders appear as buttons on the right side of the interface. Clicking on any of these buttons will switch the view to the specific overlay. Clicking on the "City" overlay will switch the view back to default. Some overlays are automatically added when a project is created, see default overlay types. Some overlays are closely related to indicators, such as Heatstress and Livability.

List of available Overlays

Icon Name Category Type Displays
Overlay icon normal.png City Default None The default view without any overlay
Overlay icon ownership.png Ownership Default Feature Ownership of constructions/ plots
Overlay icon municipalities.png Municipalities Administrative Feature Municipalities in the project area
Overlay icon neighborhoods.png Neighborhoods Administrative Feature Neighborhoods in the project area
Overlay icon vacancy.png Vacancy Administrative Feature Constructions marked as vacant are highlighted
Overlay icon zip codes.png ZipCodes Administrative Feature Postal codes
Overlay icon zoning.png Zoning Administrative Feature Zoning (related to zoning plans)
Overlay icon heat stress.png Heat Environmental Grid Urban heat stress
Overlay icon livability.png Livability Environmental Grid Livability score
Overlay icon traffic density.png Traffic Flow Environmental Grid Traffic density
Overlay icon traffic noise.png Traffic Noise Environmental Grid Impact of traffic noise polution on surrounding area
Overlay icon traffic no2.png Traffic NO2 Environmental Grid Impact of traffic NO2 polution on surrounding area
Overlay icon heightmap.png Heightmap Landscape Grid Height of the terrain (DEM)
Overlay icon underground.png Underground Landscape Feature Underground composition
Overlay icon rainfall.png Rainfall Water Water, Grid Impact of rainfall on inundation
Overlay icon flooding.png Flooding Water Water, Grid Impact of flooding on inundation
Overlay icon groundwater.png Groundwater Water Water, Grid Underground water tables
Overlay icon subsidence.png Subsidence Water Grid Areas subject to subsidence
Overlay icon distance sight.png Distance Sight Distance Grid Combined distance zone with line of sight
Overlay icon distance zone.png Distance Zone Distance Grid Defined contour around an object
Overlay icon disturbance distance.png Disturbance Distance Distance Grid Contour based on sound disturbance
Overlay icon safety distance.png Safety Distance Distance Grid Contour based on safety distance
Overlay icon network overview.png Network Overview Network Feature Lines, loads and cluster topography of a network
Overlay icon network ownership.png Network Ownership Network Feature Ownership of lines, loads and clusters of a network
Overlay icon areas.png Areas Custom Feature Selection of Areas
Overlay icon attribute.png Attribute Custom Feature Presence of a specific attribute in a data layer
Overlay icon avg.png Average Custom Grid Smoothened values of grid cells
Overlay icon custom color areas.png Custom Color Area Custom Feature One or more areas for which a separate color and name can be set
Overlay icon function highlight.png Function Highlight Custom Feature Highlights specified functions/ constructions
Overlay icon geo tiff.png Geotiff Custom Grid External data in Geotiff format
Overlay icon image.png Image Custom Grid A custom image
Overlay icon source.png Source Custom Feature Datasets/sources currently in use for generating the project



  • The following overlays are available by default when creating a new project: City, Neighborhoods, Ownership and Zoning
  • Grid overlays have the ability to show the difference between the maquette and the original state. The difference visualization uses its own legend. The option to show the difference can be turned on or off per Grid Overlay. For more information, see: Main article: Difference (Overlay)
  • Overlays can be given attributes. Some of these attributes are used by their calculation model.