Traffic Density Overlay

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Active traffic density overlay

The Traffic Density Overlay is an overlay which is used for displaying traffic density on a road section on the map. When added to your project, it can be activated by clicking the corresponding icon on the minimap. When activated the Traffic Density Overlay displays 3 colors, red, yellow and green. Different colors mean different densities of traffic on this this road section.
This overlay becomes available for all stakeholders when added to a project.


  • Green: 0-5 units / Minute
  • Yellow: 6-25 units / Minute
  • Red: 26+ Units / Minute

Additional information displayed in hover panel

Hover panel displays additional information

The hover panel gives additional information when the overlay is active.

Number of Units / Minute

The number of Units / Minute which flow across this road.


The average speed in km / hour which is driven on this road.

Number of lanes

The number of lanes this road consists of.



Optional Traffic Flow overlay