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Land transactions (and buying and selling of Buildings) between Stakeholders, to change ownership in the project area, are an integral part of the Tygron Platform. Therefore, ground prices are also implemented. Not only does ground in the Tygron Platform have a fixed price per surface unit, also lowering and raising the terrain can be set to a fixed price. After the ground price for buying and selling land is set in the editor, users can even negotiate and adjust the ground price later on in the actual session.

Ground price types available

There are three types of ground related prices implemented in the Tygron Platform, in order to better visualize the costs involved in user's actions; the actual ground price per surface unit, the price it costs to raise terrain from water level to ground level, and the price to lower terrain from ground level to water level.

Ground price

The ground price is the purchase price of an area in an amount of money per surface unit. Depending on the regional selections made in the editor/ New Project Wizard, the values can be very different between the regions. For example: the European region calculates the ground price in Euro per square meter, while the US region uses dollars per square foot.

Ground price panel in the editor, accessed by hovering over Terrains in the editor ribbon bar and selecting Edit ground prices.

Price to lower land from ground to water level


The price to lower land from ground to water level is important when actions adjust terrain height. For example, if an action creates open water to be able to improve the water storage of an area, the costs reflect the terrain adjustment.

Price to raise land from water to ground level


The price to raise land from ground level also plays its part in the Tygron Platform. When an action raises the ground level with one meter to resolve a flood danger, costs involved with adjusting the terrain height are calculated based on this price.