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Net Functions in relation to Net Lines.

Net Function is an item that stores properties that are shared among a group of Net Lines. First and foremost, the Net Type is stored in this Net Function.

Attributes stored in this item include its color or visualization diameter, are inherited by their net lines.

Each Net Line references to a Net Function.


Net lines can have any number of arbitrary attributes. A few attribute names are reserved and have a special function. Generally these are defined in their Net Function, but can be overridden by the Net Line.

COLOR: The color of the net line used in the visualization of the network.

DIAMETER_M: The diameter of the net line. This can be used in calculations and also affects the width of the net line as visible in the 3D Visualization.

PRICE_M: The price per meter. Can be used to calculate the costs of the net lines.

VISUALIZATION_DIAMETER_M: The diameter of the net line. Similar to DEF_DIAMETER_M, this attribute affects the visualized width of the net line in the 3D Visualization, but is not intended to be used in calculations.