Vacancy Overlay

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Vacancy overlay, highlighting in red vacant constructions in the project area

The Vacancy overlay is an overlay that visualizes all constructions marked as vacant in the project area. This Vacancy overlay can be activated through a button under the mini map. Only one option can be set up as property for this overlay; the name of the overlay can be adjusted in the 'Name' field on the right panel when the added Vacancy overlay is selected on the left panel of the Editor.

Setting up and configuring the Vacancy overlay

The vacancy overlay reads the vacancy property of individual constructions. In other words, the Vacancy overlay does not show anything by default, unless the property 'Vacancy' has been set for the appropriate constructions first in the project area. Currently it is only possible to do this manually.

Setting up vacancy for individual constructions

Construction properties on left panel, with Vacant check box marked
Editor → Current Situation (Ribbon tab) → Buildings (Ribbon bar)

When an individual construction is highlighted on the left panel with the list of constructions, on the right panel the construction properties become available. Directly under the 'Change Function' field (with image) marking a check box named 'Vacant' makes it possible to indicate if a construction is vacant or not. In the regular view of the Tygron Platform a large sign will now appear above the construction that was set as vacant. On the Vacancy overlay the same construction will then be marked in red on a white opaque background.

Configuring the Vacancy overlay name

Name field for the Vacancy overlay

The only property of this overlay that can be adjusted is the name of the overlay. Although the default name (Vacancy) already properly indicates the overlay, specific projects might require a different name for this overlay.

To change the name of the Vacancy overlay, highlight the overlay on the left menu and change the name property on the right panel.