Average Overlay

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The Average Overlay of the urbanization attribute.

The Average (Grid) Overlay displays (smoothed) attribute values from buildings, terrains, areas or neighborhoods that are assigned to a grid cell. This overlay becomes available for each stakeholder. It is possible to create a custom dynamic Grid Overlay with the Average Overlay.

A typical use-case of the Average Overlay is to visualize parameters of a simulation model (e.g. the rainfall overlay). A parameter assigned to a grid-cell can be related to one or more layers of the 3D model: Buildings, Terrains, Areas and Neighborhoods.

Additional information displayed in hover panel

The Average Overlay of the urbanization attribute and additional information in the hover panel.

When clicking on a specific location in the map of the Average Overlay, the hover panel gives additional information over the actual value in that specific grid cell.

Input Overlay

Input Overlays are spatial average overlays that supply additional insights in the data used for complex Overlay models (e.g the Water Overlay or Heat Stress Overlay). Input Overlays can be made visible in the 3D model by selecting them in the Wizard or adding them manually.