Ownership Grid Overlay

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Example of an Ownership Grid overlay

The Ownership Grid Overlay displays the ownership of plots across the project area, using the identification number of the Stakeholder owning the plot. The ownership ids are visualized using the color assigned to the corresponding Stakeholder. This Overlay is a Grid Overlay and is a rasterized version of the Ownership Overlay. This enables the use of ownership in Combo Overlays and TQL Grid queries.

Additional information displayed in hover panel

Hover panel displays additional information

When clicking on a specific location in the map, the hover panel gives additional information over the type of Function, amount of units or area size, the address, ground height and the owner.



  • Since this data is Raster data, the cell values correspond with the ID of the Stakeholder. For example, if the Municipality has ID 0, then the cells in the Ownership Grid overlay with value 0 represent the property of the Municipality.
  • Since this is a Grid Overlay, take note of the grid cell size, since this influences the accuracy of the Overlay.

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