Subsidence Overlay

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The subsidence overlay
The ground water overlay

The Subsidence Overlay is an overlay that shows which places in the project area are subject to subsidence due to oxidation and/or compaction of peat. The calculation results can provide insight into the subsidence taking place, and the effects it has on groundwater levels.

The Subsidence Overlay can be used to calculate the amount of subsidence which takes place on peat soil, specifically due to peat oxidation and compaction. The calculations are specific for peat soil. Separate formulas for other soil types have not yet been implemented. Although it's possible to use the overlay to give an impression of subsidence resulting from other factors, the results will be less accurate. This means that results have a greater margin of error for different use-cases.

It is possible to add multiple subsidence overlays to a project. By varying their configuration slightly, it is possible to calculate multiple scenario's or time-frames simultaneously.

A project can be enriched with other overlays that are interesting in combination with the Subsidence Overlay. Examples are:


A Subsidence Overlay can be configured by opening the Subsidence Overlay Wizard. More in-depth information can be found under each of the categories below.