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A combo overlay, combining a Rainfall Overlay with two average grid overlays (NORMAL and SOCIAL), using only the highest values in the last time frame.

The combo overlay is a grid overlay which can combine up to three grid overlays with boolean operators and use these overlays as input arguments functions and operators. The list of available functions and operators is given in the chapter below. Combo overlays can also take other combo overlays as input. Another powerful combination is the use of combo overlays with average overlays (with or without an average distance).


In the table below are the operators displayed that are supported by the combo overlay. The term argument refers to a grid overlay configured as input, a numerical value or a global name.

Input overlays and timeframes

  • Up to three overlays can be configured as input for the combo overlay. They are referenced as A, B and C.
  • To query a specific timeframe add its number. E.g. A2 queries timeframe 2 from Input Overlay A.
  • To query multiple timeframes add start:end numbers. E.g. A1:5 is identical to "A1 A2 A3 A4 A5". Note that this functionality creates individual arguments, and as such the function this is used in must permit sufficient arguments.
  • When selecting an overlay as just "A" the last timeframe is selected by default.
  • You can use Globals in a formula.



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