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This functionality is currently unavailable or non-functional.

The Aerius Overlay shows the calculated results of the Aerius Module, which forms the connection between the Tygron Platform and the Aerius Calculator, version 2020. The Aerius Overlay is currently in BETA. The Aerius overlay visualizes the NOX and NH3 deposition on Natura 2000 areas. See for more information the Aerius overview.
The Aerius results, including the entered values per emission source, can also be downloaded as a GML file. This file can then be uploaded in the Aerius Calculator.

Example of the Aerius Overlay NOX result type


An Aerius Overlay can be configured by opening the Aerius Overlay Wizard. See How to add the Aerius Overlay.

Result types

  • the NOX result type
  • the NH3 result type


When the Aerius Overlay is recalculated and does not visualize any data, then this could mean either:
1. There is no deposition on Natura 2000 areas.
2. There is deposition on Natura 2000 areas, but there is no Natura 2000 area in the Tygron Platform project (and therefore the deposition cannot be shown in the project). To check if this is the case, take a look at the values of the NOX and NH3 attributes.