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Active Area Overlay, named "Special area".

The Area Overlay is an overlay which is used for displaying multiple areas in one overlay. By default, the overlay does not display anything. When this overlay is added to a project, it can be activated by selecting the corresponding icon on the navigation panel. When activated, it displays the active areas as selected in the areas list. The areas appear in the color as selected in the area properties.

Properties of the Area Overlay.

An Area Overlay has 3 properties which can be adjusted on the General Tab:


The name of the overlay. This is the name that will appear as the title of the overlay, displayed when hovering over the related icon in the navigation panel. It is also the text in the Overlay legend panel of the overlay. You can change this by altering the text in the "Name" field.

Has Parent

This check box indicates if the overlay has a Parent Overlay or not.

Selecting areas

A list of available areas in the current project. Activating an Area for display on the Area Overlay is done by selecting the checkbox. Deactivating the area is done by deselecting the checkbox.