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Unit Types, also called Traffic Units in the Tygron Platform, are the various means of transportation that can be displayed in the 3D Visualization. For the vehicles that are situated on the roads, the units not only complete the visualization of the real life situation, they are also used for visualization of the traffic density calculations (See also: Traffic Model) of the various types of roads. For example, a highway has more units per hours than a brick road. However the units per hour cannot always be visualized. Crossroads are an example of this, the units per hour on a crossroad can be used in the calculation process but are not included in the visualization.

Types of available Units

In the Tygron Platform, there are multiple types of units available. Each type of unit has its own properties consisting of its name, color and whether it is set active in the project.

Land based units (Road) Land based units (Rail) Waterborne units Airborne units
Pickup Tram Canoe Airplane
Bus Transrapid Sailboat
Sedan car (multiple color types) Cargo ship
Tractor Riverboat small
Truck Riverboat medium
Scooter Riverboat large
SUV Oil tanker
Mini Cooper (multiple color types) Spray boat
Street sweeper
Smokey truck
Delivery truck
Small car
Police car
Yellow cab
US ambulance
US firetruck
Container truck
Grain truck
Oil truck
Bio truck