How to create an Average Overlay based on feature attributes

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Editor → Current Situation (Ribbon tab) → Overlays (Ribbon bar)
How to create an Average Overlay based on feature attributes:
  1. Select Current Situation in the ribbon bar of the editor.
  2. Hover over Overlays, and under Grid Calculation, select Avg & Interpolation.
  3. With the Overlay selected, open the Configuration Wizard by clicking on the button in the detail panel.
  4. Once the wizard is ready, select next.
  5. In the operator step, select the option named AVG.
  6. In the type step, select the option named The overlay's input is based on feature attributes.
  7. In the layer step, select the option that is best applicable: when the feature attribute is in multiple layers, select the "First occurrence", "Minimum value" or "Maximum value" option. If the attribute should only be obtained from a specific layer, select the Specific Layer only option. In that case you also have to select a particular layer, such as Buildings.
  8. In the attribute step, click on the select button to select an attribute that should be rasterized.
  9. Optionally adjust the default value in case no features are present at a particular location.
  10. Click next and close the wizard by clicking on the finish button.
  11. Adjust the averaging distance to accordingly by selecting the Cell averaging distance (m) field.


  • The layer sequence of first occurrence is defined in Rasterization model.
  • In the attribute step, the amount of timeframes can be increated when the attribute is represented by an array of values.


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