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A timeframe is a snapshot of a specific moment in a Grid Overlay's calculation.

The following Overlays support timefames for their results:

Progression over time

In most cases, the Grid Overlay performs a simulation of a certain phenomenon from an initial moment in time up to a certain final moment. The timeframes show intermediate results partway through the progression of the simulation, with the last timeframe showing the final result at the end of the simulation. Notable for these situations is that each step of the simulation is dependent on the preceding step.

For example: If a Water Overlay is configured to simulate 24 hours, and output 4 timeframes with default intervals, the results will show the amount of water at 6, 12, 18, and 24 hours since the start of the simulation respectively.

Separate results

Some Grid Overlays perform multiple calculations in parallel which are then all considered parts of the final dataset. In these cases, each timeframe is representative of an (almost entirely) independent set of parameters dictating their respective outputs, without dependence on one another.

For example: The Heat Overlay can be configured to calculate the heat situations for 3 separate dates or times, each with their own temperature, wind, etc.