Culvert diameter (Water Overlay)

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This figure depicts the original way of implementing culverts (left), and the current way they are implemented in the Tygron Platform (right).

The diameter of the culvert not only affects the amount of water which can flow through the culvert, but also the amount of grid cells on either side of the culvert which allow water to flow through to the other side. The greater the culverts diameter, the more cells are considered to be part of the entry- and exitside of the culvert.The amount of cells which are considered to be part of the entry- and exitside of the culvert, are based on the value of the CULVERT_DIAMETER attribute. If the CULVERT_DIAMETER attribute is > 25m, the amount of cells has reached a maximum and does not increase anymore.


  • A culvert is identified as a rectangular (box) culvert when it also has the Culvert rectangular height key set to a non-zero positive value. In such situation, the diameter is interpreted as the width of the cross section of the rectangular culvert.

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