Mode (Water Overlay)

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The mode of the Water Overlay affects the taken time steps, and with it the evaluation frequency, for ground water and hydraulic structures of the simulation.

Surface water simulation time steps are only depended on this mode when surface water mode is set to the Avg Waterway or Avg Terrain.

It does not influence the evaluation frequency of the surface water simulation when surface water is set to the Shallow or Hybrid mode.


There are three modes available:

  • Speed: Lowest frequencies, fastest calculations. Mode factor 3.
  • Normal: Average mode between Speed an Accuracy. Mode factor 2.
  • Accuracy: Highest frequencies, greatest detail in water movements. Mode factor 1.


The cell size is defined by dx. The timesteps are in seconds.

The mode has the following effects on timesteps:

  • Horizontal groundwater timestep = min ( 5 * dx * modeFactor , 120 )
  • Vertical groundwater timestep is based on whether shallow water simulation is selected.
    • Shallow water active: 2 * modeFactor.
    • Shallow water not active: Horizontal groundwater timestep
  • Structures and features:
    • Average areas mode: 0.5 * Vertical groundwater timestep
    • No average areas: 1.0 * Vertical groundwater timestep