Surface flow formula (Water Overlay)

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Imbalances in water levels across the grid drive the flow of water until a state of equilibrium is reached in terms of h (the height of the water column) and flux. Behavior of the flow is described by a second-order semi-discrete central-upwind scheme produced by Kurganov and Petrova (2007)[1], which is based on the 2-D Saint-Venant equations (a.k.a. shallow water equations):


u is the velocity in the x-direction
v is the velocity in the y-direction
h is the water depth
B is the bottom elevation
g is the acceleration due to gravity
n is the Gauckler–Manning coefficient

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  1. Kurganov A, Petrova G (2007) ∙ A Second-Order Well-Balanced Positivity Preserving Central-Upwind Scheme for the Saint-Venant System ∙ found at: (last visited 2019-04-11)