Breach input area (Water Overlay)

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  • To attach a breach input area to a breach using the configuration wizard, ensure that the desired input area does not have a BREACH_HEIGHT attribute but does have a BREACH_INPUT_AREA attribute (set to -1, for example). That area is then selectable as an input area in the configuration wizard, in the step for breaches areas.
  • When a BREACH_INPUT_AREA is defined, an external water body will not be created. Subsequently, the EXTERNAL_SURFACE_LEVEL, EXTERNAL_WATER_LEVEL and EXTERNAL_AREA attributes will be ignored.
  • A breach input area should always be placed on a flat surface. The height of the water column across a breach input area is equalized. This means that if the breach input area is placed on an inclined surface, the water surface will be inclined as well.
  • The terrain height of the breach input area is currently automatically determined by taking the highest terrain height within the area. It cannot be overwritten by an alternative height. It is therefore advised to draw the breach input area within the waterway and not on the shorelines.


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