Inundation area (Water Overlay)

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An inundation area is an initial placement of a quantity of water. This differs from the water areas in that an inundation level allows you to place water anywhere on the surface (but explicitly not on water).

Inundation areas can be used for simulations of situations where an area is already seriously flooded, or where an area of land which is set up to be used as a water buffer or emergency water retention has already filled up.


  • If a grid cell is not covered by an inundation area or if the cell is marked as water, the grid cell will not be inundated by the inundation level area.
  • For terrain with a steep decline, using a single inundation area to define the inundation level might not suffice, since the level is a datum height, not a relative offset from the bottom. Alternatives, such as staggered inundation areas, or initializing the waterway dry, should be considered.

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