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Overlay buttons in the Navigation panel can be clicked to show that specific Overlay. The Parent Overlays are indicated with the yellow rectangles and the Child Overlays are visible in the Overlay parent panel, indicated with the red rectangle

The navigation panel is a panel on the right side of the Viewer interface. It provides access to:

Address search

Located at the top of the navigation panel is the address search bar. This search bar can be used to quickly navigate to a precise address in the project area. Once one of the provided results is selected, the Camera will fly to the location of the address.

 Using the Address search bar:
  • Click the address search bar
  • Type in an address
  • Autocomplete will try to complete the address
  • Press the enter key to confirm

Camera Controls

The camera mode can be selected by clicking on the camera buttons.

Transparent heightmap

Click this option to make the heightmap semi transparent.

Overlay and mini map

The navigation panel also contains a list of Overlays available to the Stakeholder. Clicking on a button visualizes the Overlay in the 3D Visualization. Hovering over the overlay button also shows a minimap of the project area with the overlay projected on top of it.

If the Overlay is also a Parent Overlay, the Child Overlays will be shown as buttons below the minimap next to the Parent Overlay button. Clicking on these buttons will activate the respective child or parent Overlay. When an Overlay is activated, the Overlay legend panel will also be visualized.

Action log

The Action log button is located in the navigation panel as the last button, below the buttons of overlays. Clicking on the Action log button opens the Action log panel.