How to add a static traffic model

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A static model does not change (over time), when changes occur in the 3D world. This type of model can be used when you for example have a scenario for 2030 ready that contains the traffic intensities then and want to use this data in your project. To upload the dataset, create a Geojson file of the data and make sure the features contain an attribute with the number of units/hour. This attribute will overwrite the current TRAFFIC_FLOW attribute of the roads. When importing this data, Constructions that are intersected by sections of the imported data are given the new traffic flow attribute of imported data.

Editor → Current Situation (Ribbon tab) → Geo import (Ribbon bar)

How to add a Static Traffic Model using the Geo Data Wizard:

  1. Select the Geo Data header
  2. Select the Geo Import bar
  3. Notice that a Geo Data Wizard window appears
  4. In the data wizard select the type 'Buildings'
  5. Select the 'Import a GeoJson file' option in step 1
  6. Select the GeoJson file you wish to add in step 1
  7. View the features of the selected GeoJson file in step 2
  8. Select the 'No Filtering' option in step 3
  9. Select the option 'Only update existing building with attributes' and the option 'Any Building' in step 4
  10. Ensure that the attribute TRAFFIC_FLOW is activated in the list of attributes in step 5
  11. Select 'Finish' in step 6

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