Ground watertable result type (Water Overlay)

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Image Result type Unit Display mode Description
Overlay icon water ground watertable.png
GROUND WATERTABLE m + datum Last The groundwater level, relative to datum.

The default behavior of this result type is to display only the groundwater level. If the GROUND_WATERTABLE_WITH_SURFACE setting is used, the output for any location where the groundwater level is close to the surface is the surface water level instead,


  • If the GROUND_WATERTABLE_WITH_SURFACE setting is used, and the groundwater level fluctuates close to the surface, the groundwater level may appear to jump erratically. When this occurs and the this impacts the output in an unacceptable way, it is recommended to disable that setting, and separately consider results for the SURFACE_LAST_VALUE and optionally the SURFACE_ELEVATION for the above-ground waterlevels.