Parameter a recalculation formula (Subsidence Overlay)

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The a parameter is recalculated yearly, to account for a changing climate. The new value for the a parameter is obtained by multiplying the original Parameter a is with a factor. This factor is calculated based on an interpolated average temperature for that year, a soil temperature factor, micro activity and an oxidation factor.

The value of the a parameter is updated each year as follows:

Delta temperature is calculated as:

Delta micro activity is calculated as:

Delta subsidence is calculated as:

The new parameter a value for year y is calculated as:


= The a parameter for the current year.
= The a parameter value at the start of the calculation, defined by the model attribute A.
= The current year. The first year is defined by START_YEAR.
= The start year of the simulation, defined by CLIMATE_START_YEAR.
= The final year of the simulation, defined by the addition of the start year and YEARS.
= The average temperature of the start year, defined by CLIMATE_START_TEMP.
= The average temperature of the final year, defined by CLIMATE_FINAL_TEMP.
= The Q10 factor, configured as 3. This value is currently not adjustable.
= Soil temperature factor, defined by CLIMATE_SOIL_TEMP_FACTOR.
= Oxidation factor, defined by CLIMATE_OXIDATION.