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The ribbon is located in the top part of the editor. It is a tabbed header, which provides access to tools grouped by categories. Those categories are in organized in tabs. This makes tools accessible in a logical way.

The editor. The Ribbon at the top of the screen, the Left Panel on the left side of the screen, the User Main Interface in the center of the screen, the Right Panel on the right side of the screen, and the Bottom Panel at the bottom of the screen.

Ribbon overview

Editor ribbon.jpg

The ribbon at the top consists of 2 parts, the ribbon header and the ribbon bar.

The ribbon header provides access to the File Menu and five other tabs:

Clicking on one of these five tabs reveals a menu on the ribbon bar corresponding to the selected tab.

The tab that is currently active is colored, while the non-active tabs are grey.

Ribbon bar dropdown menu

The ribbon bar dropdown menu

A dropdown menu can be presented when hovering buttons on the ribbon bar. The dropdown menu can be used as a shortcut to access the left panel, to add items to your project, or can redirect users to the documentation section.

Calculation Panel

The Calculation panel helps you to manage the calculation time of your project. The Calculation Panel can be found by hovering with your mouse over the 'A' circle-arrow button. Recalculate panel.JPG


Main article: File menu.
File Pane

Selecting the "File" Tab from the ribbon header opens the File Menu.