How to edit Cinematics

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Editor → Tools (Ribbon tab) → Cinematics (Ribbon bar)
The right panel allows you to edit the properties of cinematics.

There is only one property directly related to cinematics, but the right panel offers access to several other functions as well. Cinematics also contain keypoints, which define the path the cinematic takes through project area. Cinematics can be activated with events in the 3D Visualization.


The field for the "name".
The name of the cinematic. This is also the name that will appear in the text panel if the cinematic pauses while displaying texts. Otherwise, the name only assists in differentiating between cinematics when selecting them in the editor. You can change this by altering the text in the text field.

Video recording

A link to the video recording panel.
A link to the Video Recording panel. Cinematics and video recording can be used in conjunction with each other. This is not an editable property.

Start cinematic

A button to start the cinematic.
This button starts the selected cinematic for the user that presses it. This is useful to test the cinematic. Note that this also starts a test run. This is not an editable property.