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The Tygron Client has an option to record a video of the current state of the project. This functionality can be used to create videos of the 3D Visualization for the purposes of showcasing the 3D environment as-is, the demonstration of the enactment of Actions, Measures, or other plans, or otherwise to show an dynamic interaction and their results.

Built-in video recording

The Tygron Client offers a simple built-in recording option for the creation of videos. This is done by capturing the on-screen 3D Visualization and saving the captured frames in a video format.

Depending on the settings of the recording, and the hardware used to create the recording, performance while recording may be impacted. This is because it becomes necessary to output every rendered frame entirely, and ideally at the appropriate rate. This ensures that the speed of the resulting videos matches as much as possible the speed at which interactions with the software during the recording take place.

Modify the 3D Graphics

The 3D Graphics can also be modified in the Tygron Client. To modify the 3D Graphics the 'Switch to Highest 3D Graphics' option should be selected. This option can be found in the Screenshot ribbon bar.


  • External tools can be used to record videos of the Tygron Client as well. For some use-cases this may be preferable. Reasons may include the recorded format, the ability to record a wider part of the screen, the recording of voice, or built-in video editing functionalities.