How to couple Cinematics to Stakeholders

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If desirable, it is possible to attach a cinematic to a stakeholder for a specific scenarios. This means that when the scenario is activated, the user in the role of that stakeholder will see the provided cinematic. A cinematic can be viewed by multiple stakeholders, at the same time or at different moments for each.

How to couple a cinematic to a stakeholder:
  1. Open the scenarios editing panel in the multi scenario ribbon.
  2. Select the scenario in which you want to show a stakeholder a cinematic.
  3. Select the "Stakeholders" sub-item.
  4. Select the stakeholder to whom you wish to show the cinematic.
  5. In the right panel, make sure the "Start with Cinematic" checkbox is checked.
  6. Using the dropdown below the checkbox, select the cinematic you wish to show.