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Special Effects are effects that can be added to a model to make it more realistic. They are visual additions to the 3D world.

Special effects and particles

Special Effects consist of particles, which are the actual visual elements as displayed in the 3D world. A Special Effect is a collection of one or more of such particles. Special Effects have a point location in the 3D world.

Some Functions provided by default by the Tygron Platform, have their own particles which automatically appear in the 3D world when they are visualized. Examples include some types of windmills, chimneys, and some cows.


All particles are wholy defined by their visual appearance. Some particles are static, and will always display the same way. Other particles can be affected by environmental factors, such as wind direction.

The following particles are available:

Particles can have their own location, relative to the Special Effect they are a part of.


  • The location of a particle relative to the Special Effect they are part of is considered an offset. This means that if the Special Effect is moved, the particle is moved along with it and will still be location on the same offset relative to the Special Effect's new location as it was to the old location.
  • Although it is not possible to set a height for particles via the Editor, particles also have a height included in their coordinate, meaning they can also exist above or below ground.
  • More particle effects exist, but are not accessible via the Editor. This is intentional, as the inaccessible particles are only intended for use with a number of default Functions.