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Geo Option in relation to Sources and Geo Plugins

Geo Options are items that store particular settings used by the Tygron Engine when generating a new project.

New Project Wizard

While selecting new Project's area, advanced options can be accessed.

When choosing the location of the project area during the New Project Wizard, in the second panel of the wizard, the default mode for data selection is Selection. When this option is checked, the Tygron Engine will acquire datasets from a variety of open datasets that are linked to the selected area. Find an overview on which data is used to create a new 3D model on the Project Sources page. The Advanced Options panel can be found above the selection option. When you open this panel the list of a few of the open datasets is displayed. You can choose to include or excluded specific data sources in your project creation.


Template settings panel.png
Editor → Tools (Ribbon tab) → Template (Ribbon bar)

In the template settings screen, the data sources that should be used by default when using this template, can be set. For example AHN3 can be selected so that the AHN3 is always used when creating a project based on that template. Changes made are stored in Geo Option items.