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After reading this page:

  • you've learned what Weather is.
  • you've learned how Weather relates to the Tygron Platform.
  • you've learned about the different Weather types in the Tygron Platform.
  • you've learned how to add Weather to your project.
  • you've learned how to change Weather in your project.


Weather is the state of the atmosphere, to the degree that it is hot or cold, wet or dry, calm or stormy, clear or cloudy.

From Wikipedia

How weather relates to the Tygron Platform

Weather as behavior is in the Tygron Platform mostly defined by the actual precipitation type selected. The more visual elements referring to weather, such as clouds and sunshine, are part of the Environment settings.

Weather effects are graphical in nature, and their activations do not have any effect on the actual data in the session or the project. Some weather effects, such as floodings, do rely on, and vary based on, data in the project.

Different types of weather

There are different behaviors that are considered weather types in the Tygron Platform. These behaviors/ weather types can be triggered automatically, or specifically through an event (bundle), linked to a measure, message or level start. The following weather types can be selected:


Weather type 'Rain'

Rain is a commonly used weather type in the Tygron Platform that can be selected to be added to a project. When the weather type 'Rain' is triggered, the water level in the area will slightly rise. In other words, the more rain is occurring in an area, less water storage will be available for calamities such as floodings.


Weather type 'Snow'

The weather type 'Snow' is a winter style visualization of the weather type 'Rain' and behaves accordingly. Currently only falling snow is being visualized.


Weather type 'Drought'

The weather type 'Drought' makes the area brighter (bloom) and water levels drop, when triggered. A dropped water level enlarges the water storage capacity of an area.


Weather type 'Wind'

The weather type 'Wind' is currently only available in the drop down menu on the right panel, and has no real effect on the project yet.


Weather type 'Flooding'

The weather type 'Flooding' floods a designated area when triggered. This area must first be manually drawn in and can cover any designated area.

Weather properties

Right panel with Weather properties


Weather name field

Visual effect

Weather Visual Effect field

Auto trigger

Weather Auto Trigger check box

Visual effect period in seconds

Weather Duration (in seconds)

Flooding waterlevel

Flooding waterlevel

Amount of rain in total duration of rainfall

Amount of rain field

Duration of rainfall in minutes

Duration of rainfall

Configuring weather in a project

Editor → Tools (Ribbon tab) → Weather (Ribbon bar)

How to configure weather in a project:

  1. Select Animations > Weather > Edit Weather
  2. Select 'Add' from the bottom of the left panel
  3. Highlight the newly created weather entry on the left panel
  4. Adjust the properties of the highlighted weather type