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After reading this page:

  • you've learned what a test run is.
  • you've learned how a test run relates to the Tygron Platform.
  • you've learned how to start and stop the test run.

What is a test run

A test run is a process designed to test whether a machine or system works well.

How does a test run relate to the Tygron Platform

A test run in relation to the Tygron Platform is a simple way of quickly testing the current state of your project. You can test the balance of your project: do all stakeholders have the correct actions, do all stakeholders have enough budget and do all the actions have the correct effects. Using the test run to iterate over your project is an important step in developing a realistic, well-balanced and usable project.

Starting a Test run

Test Run

The "Start Test run" button allows you to test your project during development.

Test Run Active

Pressing the "start Test run" button, starts the test run immediately. The text "Test run active" is displayed above the Test run buttons, the play button colours gray and the stop buttons colours red. In the Virtual 3D World, you will experience the session from the perspective of the stakeholder selected in the editor ribbon bar. Depending on the configuration of your project, most likely the test run will start with a cinematic. The test run starts from the point where the players have passed all the starting screens. Once the cinematic has finished playing, all actions can be taken in the 3D World, as though you are actually putting your project to use.

When a testrun is started, all editing is temporarily suspended. Although the editor will remain active, editing panels will be temporarily disabled. This applies to all users logged into the project, no other user can edit for the duration of the testrun. Editing can continue when the test run is stopped.

It's also possible to start a testrun by directly taking an action. When taking an action the "Start Testrun" will be automatically actived. When doing so, the flythrough at the beginning is skipped. The test run should still be stopped by pressing the "Stop Test run" button.

Stopping a Test run

To stop the testrun, press the square stop-button in the editor menu bar. All Actions and their effects taken since the start of the test run will be reverted.

Switching stakeholders

You can switch between stakeholders by pressing a different stakeholder button in the editor ribbon bar. When switching to a different stakeholder, the interface in the Virtual 3D World panel will change, most notably the actions on the left of the panel and the indicators at the top. You can only switch to a stakeholder that is not yet selected by another user. When a user switches stakeholders, the original stakeholder is again available for selection.