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Example of a source overlay

The source overlay is an Overlay which displays the datasets/sources that are used for generating the project. Additionally, datasets and sources imported by the Geo Data can be made visible in the source overlay.
At the right editor panel of this overlay, the datasets are listed that have been used for this project. These can be checked or unchecked to see where this dataset is used.
This overlay becomes available for each stakeholder.

Additional information displayed in hover panel

Hover panel displays additional information

When clicking on a specific location in the map, the hover panel gives additional information over all the datasets that are used/lie on that specific location. These datasets/sources are also visible in the City overlay, when clicking on a specific location in the map.



  • When clicked on the Show Source Details link, a panel pops up which is the Project Sources Table.
  • When initially adding the source overlay, the overlay is white.

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