Ground water (Water Overlay)

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The ground water mode can be configured in the Rain event step of a Water Overlay wizard.

0. None: No infiltration, no groundwater flow, no ground evaporation.
1. Complete: Full groundwater simulation, including infiltration, flow, and evaporation
2. Infiltration only: Water can Infiltrate into the unsaturated zone only, but no further ground flow or ground evaporation is simulated. The unsaturated zone can be simulated to have finite capacity defined by the max infiltration parameter.


  • Groundwater Overlays have the ground model active by default. The other Water Overlay variants have the ground model set to infiltration only. This is a recommended setting, trading in an imperceptible amount of accuracy for a more performant calculation setup.
  • This setting does not affect water flowing in- and out of the sewer.


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