Limit rain (Water Overlay)

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the attibutes tab of the water overlay and the limit area (limit rain) attribute.
Attribute Unit Description
LIMIT_AREA nominal value Whether and how calculations in the simulation should be limited to specific locations of the 3D world.

There are a few modes available for the Water Module, dictating where calculations are to be performed:

  • Entire map. Calculations are performed across the entire map. Water can flow anywhere.
  • Limit to Water Level Areas Calculations are only performed in the locations where water level areas are present.
  • Limit to specific Areas Calculations are only performed in the locations where limitation areas are present.

Possible values

  • 0: Entire map
  • 1: Limit to Water Level Areas
  • 2: Limit to specific Areas


  • Despite the attribute name's implication, this setting does not only affect the location of rainfall, but all calculations.
  • When any limit is in effect, water can flow between valid locations, even if those locations are defined through different relevant features (e.g. 2 adjacent water level areas).
  • In step 1 of the water overlay wizard, the to be calculated area can be selected. When chosen for the option Limit to specified areas, an extra step 2.6 in the wizard is added.