Weir dam multiplier (Water Overlay)

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When a weir's dam is generated, the width of the generated dam is based on the width of its WEIR_WIDTH attribute. However, the actual dam's width may be greater than the width of the aperture the water may actually flow through. The width of the generated dam is thus computed as the WEIR_WIDTH attribute, multiplied by the WEIR_DAM_MULTIPLIER. E.g. a weir with a width set to 5, for a Water Overlay with a weir dam multiplier set to 3, will have a generated dam with a width of 15.


  • The minimum width for a generated dam is 10m. If the generated dam would be smaller than 10m, the generated dam is 10m wide.
  • The generated dam may be smaller if a shoreline is reached before the calculated width is reached.

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