Water balance (Water Overlay)

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A water balance with multiple input and output entries.
Editor → Current Situation (Ribbon tab) → Overlays (Ribbon bar) → The Water Overlay (Left panel) → General tab (Right panel) → Show water balance

During the simulation, a tally is kept of the total amount of water which the hydrological model is initialized with, how much flows in and out, and how much is left in various layers when the simulation completes. The overview of these tallies is known as the water balance, and can be accessed after the calculation has completed. It will display water categorized into input (where it was initialized and/or how it entered the hydrological system) and output (where in the hydrological system it ended up, or through which path or process it left the hydrological system).

The following entries are displayed:

Input Configuration Result Output Configuration Result
Water surface Water area, Surface level prequel Water surface Surface last value
Inundated Inundation area Surface last value Land Surface Surface last value
Rain Rain m, Rain areas Rain Evaporated Evaporation m Evaporated
Building Storage Water storage m2 Building last storage
Sewer Storage Sewer storage Sewer last value
Sewer Out External Sewer pump speed Object flow output
Breach Breach Object flow output Breach Out Breach Object flow output
Inlet Inlet Object flow output Outlet Outlet Object flow output
Bottom in Bottom Pressure and Resistance prequels Ground bottom flow Bottom Out Bottom Pressure and Resistance prequels Ground bottom flow
Saturated Ground Storage Ground water depth m, Water areas, Ground bottom distance m
Groundwater depth or Groundwater datum, Bottom distance prequels
Saturated Ground Storage
Unsaturated Ground Storage Unsaturated fraction or prequel
Groundwater depth or Groundwater datum, Bottom distance prequels
Ground last unsaturated storage Unsaturated Ground Storage Ground last unsaturated storage

For completeness, a total for both water input and output is displayed, as well as a check on any eventual water loss in the system. Depending on the size of the project area and the amount of water flowing through various cells, there may be a minor difference between the input and output due to numerical rounding. In these cases the difference should amount to less than a tenth of a millimeter of water per cell in the calculation.