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A height sector is a data item which store the height data of the Elevation model. Each height sector is a square tile of 500m x 500m. Height values are stored in meters with a precision of 3 decimals. The amount of points per height sector depend on the DEM resolution configured in advanced options of the New Project Wizard, before project creation, and cannot be increased or decreased later on.

Height sectors are not directly accessed in the editor, but can be manipulated indirectly using the terrain height brush or by applying Elevation GeoTIFFs.

Heightmap Option

The Heightmap option is stored as an enumeration in the Geo Option HEIGHTMAP_RESOLUTION.

Enum Point distance (meter) Height points per sector
SUPER 0.25 2000 x 2000 points
HIGH 0.5 1000 x 1000 points
NORMAL 1.0 500 x 500 points
LOW 2.5 200 x 200 points
BASIC 10.0 50 by 50 points